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-XML is a very popular way to represent data.
+XML is a very popular and structured way to represent data. It is already widely used on the internet. We also saw it is very compatible with a programming language like PHP. When combining PHP with XML documents, one can make a very dynamic web-application. The simple XML for PHP module is a very good option when making a website with XML data. \\
+RSS feeds are a good example of structured XML data. This structure allows programmers to use it in their advantage as we saw in the Pottepei application. Because of this structure such an XML file is highly useful for automated scripts for instance. \\
+One small disadvantage maybe is the security. A sturdy relational database application like PostgreSQL has been proven secure and is well know for its reliability. An XML file however is very much exposed to threats and already we see that developers are encrypting their XML files. This makes applications like Pottepei less interesting because the data cannot be read anymore. \\
+Nevertheless XML will grow in popularity, and not undeserved. It is a very structured way of data representation which makes it also more readable for human readers if necessary.