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\chapter{Logical view}
\section{Primary presentation}
+ \begin{center}
+ \includegraphics*[angle=270, width=15cm, keepaspectratio]{Images/ClassDiagram.eps}
+ \caption{Class Diagram}
+ \end{center}
\section{Element catalog}
This section describes all of the classes in the class diagram as
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\section{Primary presentation}
- \includegraphics*[angle=0, width=11cm, keepaspectratio]{Images/developmentview.eps}
+ \includegraphics*[angle=0, width=13cm, keepaspectratio]{Images/developmentview.eps}
\caption{Layered Development View}
@@ -28,9 +28,6 @@ The storage layer contains the classes that control data that needs to be stored
The system layer does all the work. Calculations, generation of reports etc. The data required for all these operations is retrieved from the lower storage layer.
-\subsubsection*{Employee/User Function Layer}
-The Employee/User function layer supplies classes that provide functionality on a 'user' level. This meaning that employees for example have a class that gives them access to specific employee functions, next to all 'work' related functions.
\subsubsection*{Interfaces (User \& External)}
The interfaces layer provides graphical user interfaces or network interfaces for people and other systems to use the Total Cover Insurance Customer Relationship Management System.