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+\section{General Project Description}
+In this chapter we'll give a general description of the project. What
+does it do? How is it done? We also give an overview of the used
+techniques. At the end of this section we give a figure with a
+representation of the project and the techniques.
+\subsection{The project}
+We've made a liquor database which is accessible via a web interface.
+The main purposes of the web site is to gather information and put it
+to a database. The information can be gained two ways. One way is to
+manually insert the information. The other way is to add a RSS feed
+to the website. The website will take the information from the RSS
+feed en put it into his own database. We first chose three standard
+RSS feeds, but decided by the implementation to bind the RSS feeds
+dynamically. \\ You can bind and un-bind your own RSS feeds to the
+website. Therefore the site can contain many more and other
+information than liquor only, just by connecting other RSS feeds. We
+started this project as one with a liquor database, so for the
+project we'll use liquor as initial info.
+Another functionality of the website is the search engine. You can
+search through the news massages with given keywords. You can choose
+if you search in the titles, the message contents or both. You can
+specify in which news category or which liquor type you want to
+search. This can also be used to filter on it.
+There's also possible to subscribe on a RSS feed. This RSS feed
+exports the last twenty news items.
+\subsection{Overview of the used techniques}
+At the beginning of the project there were given four technologies.
+From these four, the project must contain at least two. We've chosen
+to use all four of the technologies, but during the implementation
+we've decided to drop the XSLT part. The reason for that is that we
+had to little knowledge of XSLT to find a good problem which we could
+solve by using XSLT.
+The following technologies are used for the project:
+ \item \textbf{XML/ XML schemes}: This is being used to gather and
+ store the information.
+ \item \textbf{XQuery/XPath}: This is being used to save the information rightly and to search for
+ information.
+ \item \textbf{Web interface}: This is being used to access the
+ information.
+To support the technologies we used the following techniques:
+ \item \textbf{RSS}: This is being used to gather information from other websites. We use it also to deliver information.
+ \item \textbf{PHP}: This is used to built the website.
+ \item \textbf{Simple XML for PHP}: This is a PHP module which gives the opportunity to work with XML statements. This is used to built the outgoing RSS Feed.
+\subsection{Representation of the project}
+In the figure below you see a representation of our project. The
+website with the XML database is the central of the project. The
+website has a PHP script which will be triggered every day. First the
+script gets the RSS binding from the database, then he obtains the
+information from the RSS feeds and put these in the database. A user
+can interact with the site (search information or inserts new
+information). The website transforms the user interactions to
+Xquery/Xpath, so it can interact with the database. A user can also
+get a RSS feed from our website.
+\begin {center}
+ \includegraphics[width=149.7mm]{DiagramPottepeiFinal.png} \\
+ Representation of the project
+\end {center}
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+\section{XQuery and XPath}
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