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@@ -71,4 +71,8 @@ See \textit{stakeholders} section for explanation of chosen views.
\section{Mapping between views}
-\textit{relationships among the views}
+There is a clear mapping between the logical view and the development view. The classes described in
+the logical view are divided into layers in the development view.
+The sequence diagrams are derived from the operations of the classes in the logical view.
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@@ -929,6 +929,7 @@ This class has the following relations:
\section{Context diagram}
\section{Variability guide}
All of the operations are points of variability because none of the
@@ -999,3 +1000,4 @@ The higher level person operations are in the \textit{system} class.
\section{Other information}
+N/A \ No newline at end of file
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-\chapter{Deployment view}
-textit{UML deployment diagram}
-\section{Primary presentation}
-\section{Element catalog}
-\section{Context diagram}
-\section{Variability guide}
-\section{Architectural background}
-\section{Other information}
+\chapter{User Scenarios}
+\textit{Sequence diagrams}
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-\chapter{User Scenarios}
-\textit{Sequence diagrams}
+\chapter{Traceability matrix}
+\caption{Wat een mooi plaatje...}
+% \label{Blaat}