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* vim: Switch to the darkblue colorschemeOlliver Schinagl2017-04-181-1/+1
* tagbar: allow tagbar to expand the windowOlliver Schinagl2017-04-181-0/+3
* gvim: Enable shared quoteplus clipboard register to yank between gui instancesOlliver Schinagl2017-04-181-0/+3
* vim: Enable line-numbering, wrap-around symbol and hi-color terminalOlliver Schinagl2017-04-181-0/+5
* vim: Add some more (gui) related settings for my tasteOlliver Schinagl2017-04-181-2/+12
* vim: Add most of .[g]vimrc filesOlliver Schinagl2017-04-181-0/+18
* vim: Initial gvimrcOlliver Schinagl2017-04-181-0/+0